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CY1026 Silver (Ag) Catalyst (Organo-metallic Catalyst) Maximize
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CY1026 Silver (Ag) Catalyst (Organo-metallic Catalyst)

Stanford Advanced Material is a leading precious metals manufacturer. We provide high quality silver metal catalysts for electronic, pharmaceutical, research and development applications.

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CAS No.ProductsMolecular Structure
2966-50-9 Silver trifluoroacetate  
2386-52-9 Silver mesylate, AgCH3SO3  
2923-28-6 Silver trifluoromethanesulfonate  
189114-61-2 Sliver bis (trifluoromethane sulfonimide); 
16836-95-6 Silver p-toluenesulphonate; 
55047-82-0 2,5-Pyrrolidinedione,silver(1+) salt; 
14104-20-2 Silver tetrafluoroborate; 
563-63-3 Silver acetate; 

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