SM3809 Zirconium(IV) Silicide (ZrSi2) Powder (CAS No. 12039-90-6)

Catalog No. SM3809
CAS Number 12039-90-6
Molecular Formula ZrSi2
Molecular Weight 147.39
Appearance Gray powder
Purity >99%

SAM provides a series of silicon compounds of good quality. With our rich experience and knowledge in the silicon series, you can be confident in making SAM your first choice. We offer high-purity silicon compounds powders according to your requirements.


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Zirconium(IV) Silicide (ZrSi2) Powder Description:

Zirconium(IV) Silicide (ZrSi2) is a typical insoluble metal silicide. Refractory metal silicide has a high melting point, hardness, and compressive strength, high temperature creep strength, medium density and tensile strength, and good temperature mechanical properties. The reaction of metal and silicon reduces the activity of the metal, so the chemical stability of the material is quite good.

Zirconium(IV) Silicide (ZrSi2) Powder Specifications:

Properties (Theoretical)

Compound Formula


Molecular Weight



Gray powder

Melting Point



4.88 g/cm3


Insoluble in water. It is insoluble in acids, alkali, and aqua regia.

Zirconium(IV) Silicide (ZrSi2) Powder Applications:

Silicides, as high-temperature structural materials, have good application prospects in the aviation, aerospace, and chemical industries. They are used as high-temperature anti-oxidation coatings and magnetic materials. ZrSi2 can be used as a source of Zr for in-situ synthesis of ZrC.

Zirconium(IV) Silicide (ZrSi2) Powder Packaging:

Our Zirconium(IV) Silicide (ZrSi2) Powder is stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse and will be kept sealed. The storage area shall be equipped with suitable materials to accommodate leaks. It will be carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition. It will be packed in vacuum packing in carton or iron drum.




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