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NA1013 Cerium (III) Nitrate Maximize
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NA1013 Cerium (III) Nitrate

Catalog No.NA1013
CAS Number10294-41-4
Chemical FormulaCe(NO3)3 6H2O
AppearanceCrystalline Aggregates
Melting Point200 °C
SolublenessSoluble in water and strong mineral acids
Molecular Weight434.12
StabilityEasily hygroscopic
MultilingualCerium Nitrate,Nitrate De Cerium, Nitrato Del Cerio

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provide Cerium metal and Cerium compounds to our customers. 

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Cerium Nitrate, is the optimum materials for manufacturing Cerium-doped catalyst, and also applied in making auto gauze covering. Cerium is added to the dominant catalyst for the production of styrene from methylbenzene to improve styrene formation. It is used in FCC catalysts containing zeolites to provide both catalytic reactivity in the reactor and thermal stability in the regenerator. In steel manufacturing, it is used to remove free Oxygen and Sulfur by forming stable oxysulfides and by tying up undesirable trace elements, such as lead and antimony.

Item No.DescriptionPurity(REO/TREO)Lot Size
CE017-2NCerium Nitrate
TREO: >32%
CE017-3NCerium Nitrate
TREO: >32%
CE017-4NCerium Nitrate
TREO: >32%

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