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We know how challenging it can be to set up a chemistry lab and find the right equipment on a budget. We’re a one-stop place for you to find affordable, quality chemistry lab equipment.

Like all of our products, our range of chemistry lab equipment is chosen for its quality and affordability, and is designed to ensure that you have everything you need to meet current curriculum and exam board specifications.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides a wide range of high-quality chemistry lab equipment for school science labs. Our laboratory equipment includes:
PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
Laboratory Crucible
Laboratory Mortar and Pestle
Laboratory Instrument

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  • LE0113 Zirconia Mortars & Pestles

    Zirconia mortar & pestle are finely hard for grinding tough ceramics. they're low contamination & anti-corrosion materials, also good for high-temperature applications.

  • LE0114 Agate Mortars & Pestles

    Our high-quality & customizable agate mortar & pestle are used for grinding solid powder of chemicals, medicals, industrials, etc. and also for making labware & kitchenware.

  • GR0191 Pyrolytic Graphite Crucible

    Stanford Advanced Materials provide pyrolytic graphite coated and whole pyrolytic graphite crucibles. We can supply 1~200ml crucibles for whole pyrolytic graphite material and larger sizes are available for coated products. The largest available size for PG coated products can be 350mm*600mm. Related Products: Pyrolytic Graphite Tubes, Pyrolytic Boron...

  • PTU0409 Standard Platinum Crucible (Standard Pt Crucible)

    Standard Platinum Crucible is available at SAM. Equipped with rich experience and knowledge in the metal industry, SAM is a leading supplier of Standard Platinum Crucible. Related platinum products: Platinum (Pt) Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Claisse®), Platinum (Pt) Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Perl-X®), Platinum (Pt) Crucible &...

  • PTU0411 Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Claisse®)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted manufacturer. We produce high quality Pt Crucible & Mold which is similar to Claisse® at great prices. Related products: Standard Platinum Crucible, Low and Wide Base Platinum Crucible, Volatile Matter Platinum Crucible

  • PTU0412 Low and Wide Base Platinum Crucible

    SAM offers low and wide base platinum crucibles in a variety of shapes and thicknesses. With our rich experience and knowledge in the metals industry, SAM is undoubtedly your first choice. Other platinum products: Standard Platinum Crucible, Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Perl-X®) Visit more>>

  • PTU0413 Volatile Matter Platinum Crucible

    Volatile Matter Platinum Crucible provided by Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has high quality and the most competitive price. Related products: Standard Platinum Crucible, Low and Wide Base Crucible, Platinum (Pt) Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Perl-X®), Platinum (Pt) Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Katanax®), Platinum (Pt) Crucible &...

  • PTU0414 Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Perl-X®)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a reliable supplier. We offer high quality Platinum Crucible & Mold (replacements for Perl-X®) with competitive prices. Other 5%Au-Pt alloys such as platinum crucible & mold (replacements for Katanax®), platinum crucible & mold (replacements for Claisse®), platinum crucible & mold (replacements for...

  • PTU0415 Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Vulcan)

    SAM – your reliable metal supplier At SAM, we always provide the best platinum crucibles and molds on the market. We also customize various shapes according to your requirements or drawings. Other popular platinum crucibles: standard platinum crucible, platinum crucible & mold (replacements for Katanax®), platinum crucible & mold (replacements...

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