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  • WM0129 Tungsten Collimator (W Collimator)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading tungsten supplier. We provide customized tungsten collimators which are made from our high quality tungsten alloys. Related products: Tungsten Syringe Shield, Radiation Shielding Parts, W-Ni-Fe Alloy, W-Ni-Cu Alloy

  • WM0122 Furnace System Parts

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is the ideal supplier producing high-quality sapphire furnace system parts for markets. We provide the whole furnace system set which includes Tungsten Crucible, Tungsten Heater, Cover Plate and Base Plate, Heat Shield, Support Assembly and Seed Chuck.

  • WM0145 Polymer Tungsten (Tungsten-filled Polymer)

    Polymer Tungsten is an ideal material of radiation shielding to replace lead. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a professional supplier of Polymer Tungsten. We offer various polymer tungsten products according to your requirements. Related products: Tungsten Collimator

  • WM0121 Tungsten Heater (W Heater)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies customized tungsten heaters which have high melting point and excellent corrosion resistance. Other pure tungsten: Tungsten Wire, Tungsten Rod/Bar, Tungsten Sheet, Tungsten Plate, Tungsten Crucible, etc. 

  • OX0148 Tungsten Trioxide (WO3) – Superfine

    With 20 years of experience, Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Tungsten trioxide. We provide high purity normal tungsten (VI) oxide and superfine tungsten (VI) oxide at competitive prices. Related products: Tungsten Trioxide (WO3) – Normal, Tungsten Powder, Tungsten Carbide Powder

  • OX0149 Tungsten Trioxide (WO3) – Normal

    Stanford Advanced Materials has 20 years of experience producing and supplying high purity Tungsten Trioxide. We not only offer normal WO3. Superfine Tungsten (VI) Oxide is also available to meet your needs. Related products: Tungsten Trioxide (WO3) – Superfine, Tungsten Powder, Tungsten Carbide Powder

  • WM1244 Ion Implantation Components (Tungsten)

    Ion Implantation Components (Tungsten) for saleStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides customized ion implantation components with high quality and competitive price.Related products: ion implantation components (Molybdenum), ion implantation components (TZM)

  • WM0124 Tungsten Electrode (W Electrode)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides a variety of tungsten electrodes for all welding needs. Other pure tungsten: Tungsten Rod / Bar, Tungsten Heater, Tungsten Wire, Tungsten Crucible, etc.

  • WM0131 Radiation Shielding Parts

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures the best tungsten alloys to make the highest quality radiation shielding parts on the market. Related products: Tungsten Collimator, Tungsten Syringe Shield, W-Ni-Fe Alloy, W-Ni-Cu Alloy

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