DP2784 Inconel 625 Powder (Alloy 625, UNS N06625)

Catalog No. DP2784
Appearance Gray metallic powder
Grade Alloy Grade: Inconel 625 Related Grades: Nickel A

Inconel 625 (Alloy 625, UNS N06625) Powder can be bought at Stanford Advanced Materials(SAM). With rich experience and knowledge in the metals industry, SAM is a global manufacturer of high-quality Inconel 625 Powder.

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Inconel 625 Powder Description

Inconel 625 (Alloy 625, UNS N06625) is widely used for its high strength, excellent fabricability (including joining), and outstanding corrosion resistance. Its service temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1800°F (982°C). High tensile, creep, and rupture strength, outstanding fatigue and thermal-fatigue strength, oxidation resistance, and excellent weldability and brazeability are the properties of INCONEL alloy 625 that make it interesting to the aerospace field. It is being used in such applications as aircraft ducting systems, engine exhaust systems, thrust-reverser systems, resistance-welded honeycomb structures for housing engine controls, fuel and hydraulic line tubing, spray bars, bellows, turbine shroud rings, and heat-exchanger tubing in environmental control systems. It is also suitable for combustion system transition liners, turbine seals, compressor vanes, and thrust-chamber tubing for the rocket.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a worldwide supplier of high-quality Inconel 625 (Alloy 625, UNS N06625) Powder who has over two decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of Inconel 625 (Alloy 625, UNS N06625) Powder.


Inconel 625 Powder Specifications

Product Name

Inconel 625 powder

Alloy Grade

Inconel 625

Related Grades

Nickel Alloy IN625


Cr 20-23
Mo 8-10
Co 1 max
Nb 3.15-4.15
Al 0.4 max
S 0.15 max
Ni Bal

Ti 0.4 max
C 0.1 max
Fe 0.5 max
Mn 0.5 max
Si 0.5 max
P 0.015 max

Size Grades




446 Gr, 1443 Gr 

AMS Specification

5599, 5666


Inconel 625 Powder Applications

The outstanding and versatile corrosion resistance of INCONEL alloy 625 under a wide range of temperatures and pressures is a primary reason for its wide acceptance in the chemical processing field. Because of its ease of fabrication, it is made into a variety of components for plant equipment. Its high strength enables it to be used, for example, in thinner-walled vessels or tubing than possible with other materials, thus improving heat transfer and saving weight. Some applications requiring the combination of strength and corrosion resistance offered by INCONEL alloy 625 are bubble caps, tubing, reaction vessels, distillation columns, heat exchangers, transfer piping, and valves.

In the nuclear field, INCONEL alloy 625 may be used for reactor-core and control-rod components in nuclear water reactors. The material can be selected because of its high strength, excellent uniform corrosion resistance, resistance to stress cracking and excellent pitting resistance in 500°-600°F (260-316°C) water.

Alloy 625 is also being considered in advanced reactor concepts because of its high allowable design strength at elevated temperatures, especially between 1200°-1400°F (649-760°C).

The effect of processing parameters during LRM of Inconel 625 (Alloy 625, UNS N06625) Powder was studied and the optimum set of parameters for the maximum deposition rate was established employing Orthogonal L9 array of Taguchi technique. Results indicated that the powder feed rate and the scan speed contributed about 56% and 26%, respectively to the deposition rate, while the influence of laser power was limited to 10% only.

Fabricated components were subjected to non-destructive testing (like—ultrasonic testing, dye-penetrant testing), tensile testing, impact testing, metallographic examinations, and micro-hardness measurement. The test results revealed defect-free material deposition with improved mechanical strength without sacrificing ductility. 


C.P.Paul, P.Ganesh, S.K.Mishra, P.Bhargava, J.Negi, A.K.Nath: Investigating laser rapid manufacturing for Inconel-625 components. Optics & Laser Technology Volume 39, Issue 4, June 2007, Pages 800-805



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