DP2794 Rene 88DT Alloy Powder

Catalog No. DP2794
Appearance Gray metallic powder
Grade Alloy Grade: FGH 4095 Related Grades: Rene 88DT

Rene 88DT Alloy Powder is available at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). With rich experience and knowledge in the metal industry, SAM is a global manufacturer of high-quality Rene 88DT Alloy Powder.

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Rene 88DT Alloy Powder Description

Rene 88DT Alloy Powder was developed to be more damage tolerant than Rene’ 95, hence the DT designation, while offering improved creep strength and fatigue crack growth resistance. The production alloy is always processed through the powder metallurgy route. The standard heat treatment consists of: a super-solvus solution of 1.0 hr at 1150°C (2100), followed by a delayed oil quench, and aging for 8.0 hr at 760°C (14OO). Its main structural characteristics are thus a fine grain size, achieved through PM consolidation, and a duplex distribution of, the coarser forming on cooling from the super solvus solution, the finer predominantly on aging. Rene 88DT is used in disk applications in advanced General Electric Co. engines.

Rene 88DT Alloy Powder Specification

Product Name

Rene 88DT Alloy Powder

Alloy Grade

FGH 4096

Related Grades

Rene 88DT


C 0.02-0.05
Cr 15-16.5
Co 12.5-13.5
W 3.8-4.2
Mo 3.8-4.2
Al 2.0-2.4
Ti 3.5-3.9
Fe 0.5 max
Ni Bal

Nb 0.6-1.0
Ta 0.02max
B 0.006-0.015
Zr 0.025-0.05
Ce 0.005-0.01
Si 0.2max
Mn 0.15max
P 0.015max
S 0.015max

Size Grades





AMS Specification



Rene 88DT Alloy Powder Applications

Rene 88DT Alloy Powder is an extremely stable alloy for prolonged 650°C (1200°F) service. Its superior properties reflect a high-content and whose low positive mismatch allows a highly coherent and finer precipitation. These advantages are optimized by a super solvus annealing practice that eliminates large, sub-solvus phases, which promote crack nucleation in fatigue, and interfere with the formation of serrated grain boundaries. Due to the super-solvus nature of the solution annealing, the microstructure of Rene 88 DT contains no sub-solvus which is usually termed primary. Normal convention refers to the cooling as secondary, and that forms predominantly on aging, as tertiary.


S. T. Wlodek, M. Kelly and D. A. Alden: THE STRUCTURE OF RENE’ 88 DT. DOI:10.7449/1996/Superalloys_1996_129_136


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