DP2792 Inconel 713C Powder (Alloy 713C, N06625)

Catalog No. DP2792
Appearance Gray metallic powder
Synonyms IN713C
Grade Alloy Grade: K418(K18), 518 Related Grades: INCO7

High-quality Inconel 713C (Alloy 713C, N06625) Powder is on sale at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). Equipped with rich experience and knowledge in the metal industry, SAM is a global manufacturer of Inconel 713C Powder.

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Inconel 713C Powder Description

Inconel 713C (Alloy 713C, N06625) Powder is a precipitation-hardening nickel-chromium-based cast alloy. It possesses excellent strength properties up to 1800 (980). The alloy has good castability and excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal fatigue. Its high-temperature strength and ductility make this alloy suitable for use as vane material and first stage blading for jet aircraft, guide vanes for industrial turbines, press forging dies, and extrusion dies.


Inconel 713C Powder Specifications

Product Name

Inconel 713C (Alloy 713C, N06625) Powder

Alloy Grade

K418(K18), 518

Related Grades



C 0.03-0.07
Cr 11.00-13.00
Ni Bal
Co 1.00 max
Mo 3.80-5.20

Al 5.50-6.50
Ti 0.40-1.00
Fe 0.50 max
Nb 1.50-2.501

Size Grades





AMS Specification



Inconel 713C Powder Applications


Inconel 713C (Alloy 713C, N06625) is in fact a cast alloy and is not easy to forge, due largely to the preponderance of precipitation elements that must be put into solution prior to forging. On the one hand high temperatures are required to affect this solution and on the other hand the finish forging temperature in itself must be fairly high. We must not forget the high-temperature strength of this alloy, and even with its good high-temperature ductility the hot working process will be difficult. The alloy may be forged between around 2200/1900 (1205/1040).

Heat Treatment

Inconel 713C Powder is normally used in the as-cast condition, but an improvement in the 1700/1900 (925/1040) stress rupture life may be obtained by a solution treatment for 2 hours at 2150 (1175) followed by air cooling. Material under this condition, being tested under stress at 1350 (730) showed a marked decrease in rupture life and ductility. A stabilizing treatment, however, at 1700 (925) for 16 hours, followed by air cooling, restores the 1350 properties as well as maintaining the high temperature properties. Precipitation treatment is best carried out between 1470/1650 (800/900).


Inconel 713C Powder has a very high rate of work hardening and as such is very difficult to machine. Tools must of course be very sharp and equipment extremely rigid. It is best to put this work in the hands of those most familiar with it. It has been suggested that final machining be done following precipitation treatment.


The grade is not weldable according to normal definition, but some success has been noted when welding 713C to other more weldable metals, or matched welds in light sections under little stress. Hastelloy W or Inconel filler metal 92 may be used in the gas tungsten arc process.



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