DP2795 Rene 95 Alloy Powder

Catalog No. DP2795
Appearance Gray metallic powder
Grade Alloy Grade: FGH 4095 Related Grades: Rene 95

Rene 95 Alloy Powder is on sale at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). Equipped with rich experience and knowledge of the metal industry, SAM is a global manufacturer of high-quality Rene 95 Alloy Powder.

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Rene 95 Alloy Powder Description

Rene 95 Alloy is one of the nickel-based high-temperature, high-strength alloys that is age-hardenable by heat treatment. It is one of the strongest alloys in this alloy category that can withstand a temperature of 1400℉. Rene 95 is used in the gas turbine for hot section components.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a global supplier of high-quality Rene 95 Alloy Powder, who has over two decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of the Rene 95 Alloy products.


Rene 95 Alloy Powder Specifications

Product Name

Rene 95 Alloy Powder

Alloy Grade

FGH 4095

Related Grades

Rene 95


C 0.04-0.09
Cr 12-14
Co 7-9
W 3.3-3.7
Mo 3.3-3.7
Al 3.3-3.7
Ti 2.3-2.7
Fe 0.5max
Ni Bal

Nb 3.3-3.7
Ta 0.02max
B 0.006-0.015
Zr 0.03-0.07
Si 0.2max
Mn 0.15max
P 0.015max
S 0.015max1

Size Grades





AMS Specification



Rene 95 Alloy Powder Applications

Cold Working

Standard tooling methods can be used for Rene 95 Alloy Powder. Soft die materials and heavy-duty lubricants are recommended during the cold working process for this alloy in order to minimize galling and obtain good results.


Rene 95 Alloy Powder can be welded by the commonly used welding techniques, and an equally corresponding alloy filler metal should be used during the welding process. The welding methods recommended for this alloy include submerged-arc welding, gas-tungsten-arc welding, gas metal-arc welding and shielded metal-arc welding.


Rene 95 Alloy Powder can be formed by the standard forming techniques. This alloy has good ductility but requires powerful equipment during the forming process because of its higher strength levels in comparison to regular steel.


Rene 95 Alloy Powder can be machined by conventional machining methods. This alloy possesses higher strength, gumminess and work-hardening qualities while being machined. Usage of water-based coolants is preferred for milling, turning or grinding. Usage of heavy lubricants is preferred for boring, drilling, broaching or tapping operations. Work-hardening of the alloy before the cutting process and chatter can be minimized by using tooling and a heavy duty machining equipment.


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