DP2782 Hastelloy X Powder (Alloy X, UNS N06002)

Catalog No. DP2782
Appearance Gray metallic powder
Synonyms Alloy X
Grade Alloy Grade: Hastelloy X Related Grades: Nickel A

Hastelloy X (Alloy X, UNS N06002) Powder is on sale at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). With rich experience and knowledge in the metals industry, SAM is a global manufacturer of high-quality Hastelloy X Powder.

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Hastelloy X Powder Description

Hastelloy X (Alloy X, UNS N06002) is a nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy that possesses an exceptional combination of oxidation resistance, fabricability and high-temperature strength. It has also been found to be exceptionally resistant to stress-corrosion cracking in petrochemical applications. X alloy exhibits good ductility after prolonged exposure at temperatures of 1200, 1400, 1600°F (650, 760 and 870°C) for 16,000 hours.

Hastelloy X  Powder has excellent forming and welding characteristics. It can be forged and, because of its good ductility, can be cold worked. X alloy can be welded by both manual and automatic methods including shielded metal arc (covered electrodes), gas tungsten arc (TIG) and gas metal arc (MIG). The alloy can also be resistance welded.


Hastelloy X Powder Specifications

Product Name

Hastelloy X Powder

Alloy Grade

Hastelloy X

Related Grades

Nickel Alloy X


Cr 20.5-23
Mo 8-10
Co 5-2.5
W 0.2-1
Al 0.5 max
Ti 0.15 max
B 0.01 max
C 0.10 max

Fe 17-20
Mn 1 max
Si 1 max
P 0.04 max
S 0.03 max
Cu 0.5 max
Ni Bal1

Size Grades




B435, B572

AMS Specification

5536, 5754, 5798


Hastelloy X Powder Applications

Hastelloy X Powder has wide use in gas turbine engines for combustion zone components such as transition ducts, combustor cans, spray bars, and flame holders as well as in afterburners, tailpipes, and cabin heaters. It is recommended for use in industrial furnace applications because it has unusual resistance to oxidizing, reducing, and neutral atmospheres. Furnace rolls of this alloy were still in good condition after operating for 8,700 hours at 2150°F (1177°C). HASTELLOY X alloy is also used in the chemical process industry for retorts, muffles, catalyst support grids, furnace baffles, tubing for pyrolysis operations and flash drier components.



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