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Precision Casting

Precision casting parts made of different materials are widely used in:
-Hand Tools
-Process Machinery

funding casting is used in the aerospace and electricity technology industries to provide turbine blades with complicated shapes or cooling structures. Blades produced via investment casting can encompass unmarried-crystal (SX), directionally solidified (DS), or conventional equiaxed blades. investment casting is likewise widely used by firearms producers to fabricate firearm receivers, triggers, hammers, and other precision parts at low fee. different industries that use general investment-forged elements include military, medical, industrial and car.

With the elevated availability of better-resolution 3-D printers, 3D printing has started for use to make a great deal large sacrificial molds used in funding casting. Planetary resources has used the method to print the mildew for a new small satellite tv for pc, which is then dipped in ceramic to form the investment cast for a titanium area bus with crucial propellant tank and embedded cable routing.

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  • PC1318 Precision Casting (Exotic Metals)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies various precision casting parts of exotic metals with competitive price.Related products: Precision Casting (Stainless Steel), Precision Casting (Copper Alloys)

  • PC1316 Precision Casting (Stainless Steel)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of high precision casting stainless steel parts. We can provide customized stainless steel investment casting parts consistently in tight tolerances and a wide range of sizes.Related products: Precision Casting (Copper Alloys), Precision Casting (Exotic Metals)

  • PC0155 Cast Titanium Alloy (Cast Ti Alloy)

    Buy Cast Titanium Alloy SAM is a leading supplier of titanium products with competitive pricing. We produce Cast Titanium Alloy according to your drawings and specifications.

  • CM1317 Precision Casting (Copper Alloys)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can provide custom bronze and brass casting parts with tight tolerances. Our lost wax brass casting and bronze casting processes can produce a wide range of parts according to the requirements. Related products: Precision Casting (Stainless Steel), Precision Casting (Exotic Metals)

  • PC0170 Titanium casting products (Ti casting products)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of titanium casting products. We provide various other titanium products.

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