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Non-ferrous Metal Alloys

We offer various, carefully produced non-ferrous metal alloys in different grades.



Hydrogen storage, hydrogen getter, and battery alloys

Hydrogen storage (AB2) and battery alloys (AB5), and hydrogen getter alloys are available crushed, in lumps, and in powder form:

• Mischmetal-nickel base alloy
• Titanium-manganese base alloy
• Zircon-vanadium-iron alloy
• Skutterudites for thermoelectricity (Thermology)

Nickel/cobalt/iron superalloys

(equivalent to F75, IN713, IN738, IN625, MAR, GMR)

• The diameter of the bar stock from 75 mm/length 100 cm, the treated surface
• VIM/ESU (wrought/ingot – at customer's request)

Specific material compositions, sizes, and weights are available on request.

Rare earth alloys

Examples include YAl, YNi, AlSm, and CoCe for instance as master alloys for the production of superalloys or alloy additives for various applications.





Non-ferrous metal alloys are used in various sectors of industry, medical engineering, and environmental technology.

• Energy storage, vacuum technology, solar technology 
• Steel and foundry industry
• Precision investment casting (lost wax processing) 
• Prealloying for superalloys 


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