AC3940 Alumina Packing Ball

Catalog No. AC3940
Material Al2O3
Purity 92-99.5%
Color White
Size 3-75 mm

Alumina Packing Ball is a type of aluminum oxide ceramic products. SAM provides alumina ceramic products with high purity, tight dimensional tolerance, and competitive prices. Our products are sold all over the country, and exported to Germany, Spain, Japan and Korea. Besides, we have strict management and advanced production technology. We promise we will win more clients and a larger market with honest commercial credit, high quality of products, competitive price and good service.


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Alumina Packing Ball Descriptions 

Alumina Ceramic Packing Ball is widely used in petroleum, chemical fertilizer, natural gas, environmental protection and other fields, as a catalyst covering support materials and tower packing in reactors. The main function is to increase the distribution of gas or liquid, support and protect low-strength active catalyst. Moreover, ceramic balls feature a highly controlled geometry and an extremely smooth surface finish. The surface of the ball packing is relatively small. Due to the low voltage of the filler, the pressure drop is quite high.

Alumina Packing Ball Specifications






Al2O3 (%)





Fe2O3 (%)





Bulk Density (g/cm3)





Packing Density(g/cm3)





Unit Compressive Strength (13mm/N)





Water Absorption(%)





Alumina Packing Ball Features

Alumina Packing Ball can withstand the corrosion of acid, alkali and other organic solvents, and the temperature change in the production process. As the support and cover material of the reactor, it can buffer the influence of liquid and gas into the reactor on the catalyst and protect the catalyst. Many Alumina Ceramic Inert Packing Balls exhibit much greater hardness than steel balls, resulting in longer life and improved reliability.

Alumina Packing Ball Applications

Alumina Packing Ball is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry fertilizer, natural gas, environmental protection and other fields, as the catalyst in the reactor cover support materials and tower filler. The main effect is to increase the distribution of gas or liquid, to support and protect low strength active catalysts.

Alumina Packing Ball Packaging

SAM’s Alumina Packing Ball is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.


sc/1625109720-normal-Alumina Spheres.jpg

AC3495 Alumina Spheres

sc/1625110746-normal-Fused White Alumina.png

AC3496 Fused White Alumina

sc/1625111611-normal-Fused Brown Alumina.jpg

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sc/1625117287-normal-Calcined Alumina.jpg

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AC3499 Reactive Grade Alumina

sc/1642745049-normal-Alumina Lining Brick.jpg

AC3937 Alumina Lining Brick

sc/1642745564-normal-Alumina Grinding Ball (Dry Grinding).jpg

AC3938 Alumina Grinding Ball (Dry Grinding)

sc/1642745877-normal-Alumina Grinding Ball (Wet Grinding).jpg

AC3939 Alumina Grinding Ball (Wet Grinding)


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