CY0104 Magnesium Fluoride Crystal (MgF2 Crystal)

Catalog No. CY0104
Material Magnesium Fluoride
Shape Rod Blank Windows or Customize Windows Lens Prism
CAS Number 7783-40-6
Density 3.177g/cm3
Synonyms Magnesium Difluoride, Magnesium (II) Fluoride. Mol

Magnesium Fluoride Crystal is used as a coating, optical windows, lenses, modulating panels, etc. It's also used as a metallurgical (deoxidant) additive. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of Magnesium Fluoride Crystals.

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Magnesium Fluoride Crystal Description

Magnesium fluoride crystal is a positive birefringent crystal with high light transmittance from vacuum ultraviolet to infrared spectrum. Magnesium fluoride is a strong, hard material that can resist thermal and mechanical shocks.


Magnesium Fluoride Crystal Specification

Item No. Description Shape Lot Size US$
C-MgF2 Magnesium Fluoride Crystal Rod, Blank, Windows or Customize Windows, Lens, Prism 50, 200, 1000 pc Ask for a quotation


Crystal Type Rutile type structure
Transmission Range 0.11-7.5 µm
Reststrahlen 20.0 µm
Density 3.177 g/cm3
Melting Point 1255°C
Molecular Weight 62.3018
Thermal Conductivity 25.0 W/(m•K) @ 20K, 0.3 W/(m•K) @ 300K
Thermal Expansion ||C: 13.7 x 10-6/ ^ C: 8.48 x 10-6/K
Hardness (Knoop) 415.6
Young's Modulus 158.55 Gpa
Shear Modulus 54.66 Gpa
Bulk Modulus 101.32 Gpa
Rupture Modulus 49.0 Mpa
Elastic Coefficient C11=140.2, C12=89.5, C33=204.7 Gpa
Dielectric Constant ||C: : 4087 ^c: 5.45
Solubility Water <0.0002 g/100g @ 0-60°C
Cleavage Planes (110)
Standard Diameter 140 mm
Application Scintillation material, correction pare in lens systems


Magnesium Fluoride Crystal Application

Optical crystals of magnesium fluoride are used as a coating, optical windows, lenses, modulating panels or other optical components. It is also used as a metallurgical (deoxidant) additive, finishing agent for titanium pigment, fluorescent material for CRT, and ceramics.


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