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CY0106 Barium Fluoride Crystal Maximize

CY0106 Barium Fluoride Crystal

Catalog No.CY0106
MaterialBarium Fluoride Crystal
CAS Number7787-32-8
ShapeRod Blank Windows or Customize Windows Lens Prism

Barium Fluoride is used in UV, visible & IR imaging system, scintillator & IR cut-off filter. It is suitable for a passive IR band (8-14 um) and a viewport for thermography.

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Specification of Barium Fluoride Crystal

Synonyms: Barium Difluoride, Barium (II) Fluoride, Molecular Weight (M.W.): 175.32

Item No.DescriptionShapeLot SizeUS$
C-BaF2Barium Fluoride CrystalRod, Blank, Windows or Customized Windows, Lens, Prism50, 200, 1000 pcAsk for a quotation
Crystal TypeCubic, CaF2 Type structure
Transmission Range0.15-15 µm
Refractive Indexn0=1.6654, ne=1.4898 @ 509 nm
Density4.89 g/cm3
Melting Point1280, 1335°C
Molecular Weight175.3368
Thermal Conductivity11.72 W/(m•K) @ 13°C
Specifics Heat410 J/(kg•K) @ 27°C
Thermal Expansion18.1x10-6/K @ -110-120°C
Hardness (Knoop)82 (indenter load: 500g)
Shear Modulus25.4 Gpa
Bulk Modulus268.89 Gpa
Rupture Modulus26.2 Mpa
Dielectric Constant7.33 @ f=2 MHz
Solubility Water0.17 g/100g @ 23°C
Crystal StructureSingle crystal, synthetic
Cleavage Planes(111)

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