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CY0106 Barium Fluoride Crystal Maximize

CY0106 Barium Fluoride Crystal

Catalog No.CY0106
MaterialBarium Fluoride Crystal
ShapeRod Blank Windows or Customize Windows Lens Prism
CAS Number7787-32-8

Barium Fluoride is used in UV, visible & IR imaging system, scintillator & IR cut-off filter. It is suitable for a passive IR band (8-14 um) and a viewport for thermography.

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Specification of Barium Fluoride Crystal

Synonyms: Barium Difluoride, Barium (II) Fluoride, Molecular Weight (M.W.): 175.32

Item No.DescriptionShapeLot SizeUS$
C-BaF2Barium Fluoride CrystalRod, Blank, Windows or Customized Windows, Lens, Prism50, 200, 1000 pcAsk for a quotation
Crystal TypeCubic, CaF2 Type structure
Transmission Range0.15-15 µm
Refractive Indexn0=1.6654, ne=1.4898 @ 509 nm
Density4.89 g/cm3
Melting Point1280, 1335°C
Molecular Weight175.3368
Thermal Conductivity11.72 W/(m•K) @ 13°C
Specifics Heat410 J/(kg•K) @ 27°C
Thermal Expansion18.1x10-6/K @ -110-120°C
Hardness (Knoop)82 (indenter load: 500g)
Shear Modulus25.4 Gpa
Bulk Modulus268.89 Gpa
Rupture Modulus26.2 Mpa
Dielectric Constant7.33 @ f=2 MHz
Solubility Water0.17 g/100g @ 23°C
Crystal StructureSingle crystal, synthetic
Cleavage Planes(111)


Description of Barium Fluoride Crystal

Barium fluoride, BaF2, crystal has good transmittance over a wide spectrum range, from 150 nm to 12.5 um. It has been widely used as windows, lenses, and prisms, particularly for ultraviolet transmittance. The highest quality BaF2 has been used for scintillation crystals. BaF2 can also be used crystal substrates for the epitaxial growth of thin films. 

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