LAB1260 (Discontinued) Stainless Steel Glove Box for Lithium Battery Research

Catalog No. LAB1260
Weight 202 kg
Glove Port φ152
Price $3000


Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now can provide stainless steel glove box for lithium battery research and other glove boxes such as Super-Capacitor Glove Box, Low Temperature Glove Box.

Specifications of our stainless steel glove box for lithium battery research:

stainless steel glove box for lithium battery research

-High purification system
-Sealed environment
-Sturdy, wear-resistant

Model Part Name ZKX-1 ZKX-2 ZKX-3
Total L×W×H (mm) 985×660×690 1250×810×740 1705×870×1020
Box L1×W1×H1 (mm) 600×500×650 800×650×700 1200×700×980
Clear Space of Inner Box 410×420×610 610×570×660 1010×620×940
Transition Room (mm) φ220×280 φ280×350 φ350×400
Glove Port (mm) φ152
Vacuum Degree ±0.1 Mpa, dwell time: 12 hours

-The operation box is mainly made of the main cabinet, excessive room and pedestal. If there are other special requirements, it can also be designed or adapted as needed.
-There are two to three glove interfaces on the main cabinet.
-The front of operation box is organic glass, through which the operator can clearly observe the casing procedure with broad perspective.
-There are two vacuum ball valves (one internal and one external) with faucets on the box, where operators can use it for special operating requirements, such as injecting water or ventilating.
-The cabinet has lighting bulbs and porous sockets.


Stainless steel glove box can be used in:
-anhydrous, anaerobic and clean, ultra-clean work environment
-the R&D and production of batteries and battery materials (lithium-ion battery, battery, solar cell, the lithium iron phosphate, etc.)
-the R&D and manufacturing of special lamps: HID lamps, metal halide, ceramic metal halide
-welding: resistance welding, TIG welding, laser welding, plasma welding, brazing
-OLED R&D and production.
-production of medical supplies
-production of the super capacitor
-fine chemicals, nuclear industry
-new energy and new materials development and production

Packaging & Delivery

Export wooden case
25 days after receive the payment


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LAB1261 (Discontinued) Super-Capacitor Glove Box

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