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LAB1261 Super-Capacitor Glove Box Maximize

LAB1261 Super-Capacitor Glove Box

Catalog No.LAB1261
Max. Temperature200 °C
Temperature Uniformity±6°C

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now can provide super-capacitor glove box and other glove boxes such as stainless steel glove box for lithium battery research, Low Temperature Glove Box.

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Configuration of our Super-Capacitor Glove Box:

super capacitor glove box

Oven (Two or more);
Glove Box; (Includes: Cooling Chamber on the left, Box in the middle, Discharge Chamber on the right)


-Glove Box: Since there is a transmission mechanism system inside the Glove Box (Left cooling chamber and right discharge chamber are included), it is convenient for items to be transferred into the box. The transmission is with entire tray transmitting (64 capacitance).

-Cooling Chamber (Square): The indoor and outdoor of cooling chamber are both automatic and one touch open. There are docking slide, docking unit and locking unit on the outdoor of cooling chamber. After the oven and the cooling chamber are fully ducked, the locking unit will be fully locked. Then vacuum the docking chamber, open door of industrial oven and outdoor of cooling chamber. After that the transmission mechanism system of oven and cooling chamber will work simultaneously until the tray has been transferred into the cooling chamber. Then close door of industrial oven and outdoor of cooling chamber and separate oven from the cooling chamber. Afterwards refill Nitrogen (or Argon) into the cooling chamber and turn on circulating blower for the cooling chamber. The gas in the cooling chamber will cool down after going through the water-cooling unit. When the temperature of the cooling chamber falls below the set temperature, the indoor of cooling chamber can be opened. It will take about one hour for the temperature fall below 35°C.
-Glove Box: When the capacitance is transferred inside the Glove Box, operations such as injecting and sealing can be done. The sunken transmission mechanism system inside the Glove Box makes it much easier to put and take out the capacitance.
-Discharge Chamber (Square): The discharge chamber is a channel to take out the capacitance from glove box. The indoor and outdoor are both automatic and one touch open.


-Avoid capacitance to expose in the air after taking out from oven by seamless docking between the oven and glove box.
-Energy saving: There is no need for the oven to cool down. Production efficiency has been greatly improved because there is forced cooling by cooling chamber.
-Equipment cost is reduced because one Glove box can be used for many ovens.

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