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LAB1262 Low Temperature Glove Box Maximize

LAB1262 Low Temperature Glove Box

Catalog No.LAB1262
Leak Rate≤ 0.05 vol%/h
Standard condition20 °C, 1 atm, 99.999% inert gas

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now can provide low temperature glove box and other glove boxes such as Stainless Steel Glove Box for lithium battery research, Super-Capacitor Glove Box.

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Low temperature glove box can be used for research and small scale production.
-Electromagnetic valve is designed by high level modularity which is lower than the leak rate.
-The closed recycle design will definitely save the operation cost.
-The index of water and oxygen is below 1 ppm under standard condition (20 °C, 1 atm, 99.999% inert gas).

low temperature glove box

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