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TZM1245 Ion Implantation Components (TZM Alloy) Maximize

TZM1245 Ion Implantation Components (TZM Alloy)

Catalog No.TZM1245
MaterialTZM Alloy
Temperature Range(F)1100-2000°С

Ion Implantation Components (TZM Alloy) for sale
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides ion implantation components made of various materials with competitive price.
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Ion implantation is an important process which is widely used in semiconductor device fabrication, metal finishing and materials science research. The components of ion implantation are often made of TZM alloy, molybdenum, tungsten, because these materials could perform well in harsh environment.

ion implantation (TZM) ion implantation (TZM)

ion implantation (TZM) ion implantation (TZM)


• Used to manufacture semiconductors.
• Used in metal finishing for tool steel toughening and surface finishing.
• Used in ion beam mixing to achieve graded interface and strengthen adhesion between immiscible material.



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