YM2053 Yttrium Nickel Alloy Ingots

Catalog No. YM2053
Appearance Silver to gray ingots or lumps
Molecular Formula YNi5
Compositions Yttrium, compound with nickel (1:5)

Yttrium nickel alloy is one of numerous high purity rare earth alloy manufactured by SAM. We provide different compositions of yttrium and nickel as required at competitive prices.

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Description of Yttrium Nickel Alloy Ingots

Yttrium nickel alloy is an alloy formed between yttrium and nickel. There are various alloy phases, among which YNi5 is most common. Yttrium nickel alloy can absorb a large amount of H2 to form a metal hydride, which can be used as a hydrogen storage material.

yttrium nickel alloy ingots

Specifications of Yttrium Nickel Alloy Ingots

Compound Formula


Molecular Weight



Silver to gray ingots or lumps

Applications of Yttrium Nickel Alloy Ingots

-Hydrogen storage material

-Atomic clock



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