OX1054 Fused Magnesia (Fused Magnesium Oxide)

Catalog No. OX1054
Material Magnesium Oxide
Purity 99.5%~99.9%
Appearance White powder
Shape Amorphous
m.p. 2850℃
b.p. 3600℃
F.W. 40.3

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures high purity fused magnesia (fused magnesium oxide) for heating elements and other applications. We are able to deliver 2N5 (99.5%) and 3N (99.9%) products by metric ton.
Other Magnesium products: Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Oxide, High Purity Magnesium Lump, Magnesium Alloys (Mg Alloys), High Purity Magnesium (Mg) Ingot

Fused Magnesium Oxide Introduction:

Our Fused Magnesium Oxide (Electrical Grade) powder manufactured by electric melting method (Item No.:OX12H-2N5). The raw materials of the product is from seawater not mineral, resulting in low impurities. The product has excellent high temperature resistance and electrical insulation. Therefore it is widely used in heating elements and refractory industry.

Fused Magnesium Oxide Powder Fused Magnesium Oxides

Fused Magnesium Oxide Specification:



MgO %


GaO %


Fe %


Mn %


Loss on ignition %



250 mesh or 350 mesh


Packaging of SAM Fused Magnesia:

Fused Magnesia is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

packing packing


PDFFused Magnesium Oxide COA

Material Safety Data Sheet for your reference


sc/1619316518-normal-Oxygen-Determination Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia Powder.jpg

ZC3330 Oxygen-Determination Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia Powder

sc/1619316915-normal-Refractory Grade Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia Powder.jpg

ZC3331 Refractory Grade Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia Powder

sc/1640851007-normal-Magnesia Cupel Blocks.jpg

MG3897 Magnesia Cupel Blocks

sc/1640851534-normal-Magnesia Cupels.jpg

MG3898 Magnesia Cupels

sc/1665623850-normal-Magnesium Oxide Ceramic.jpg

MG4424 Magnesium Oxide Ceramic, MgO

sc/1665624191-normal-Magnesium Oxide Insulator.jpg

MG4425 Magnesium Oxide Insulator, MgO


CY4429 Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Single Crystal Substrate


MG4430 Light Burned Magnesium Oxide Powder


MG4431 Dense Magnesium Oxide Ceramics


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