MG1755 Magnesium Oxide Crucible

Catalog No. MG1755
Size customized size
Purity >99 %

Magnesium Oxide Crucible in various sizes and wall thicknesses are available in Stanford Advanced Materials. High melting points and high purity allow Magnesium Oxide Crucibles to work at high temperatures up to 2200℃.

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Description of Magnesium Oxide Crucible

Magnesium Oxide Crucibles are good for the application of ultrahigh-temperature processes up to 4000°F (2200°C). MgO crucible is a better alternative to Alumina (Al2O3) crucibles due to their superior chemical resistance and their inertness to metals, slags, and superconductor compounds.

When MgO Crucibles are used in lithium solid-state electrolyte synthesis or sintering, MgO has its own unique advantage of not reacting with Lithium unlike Al2O3 crucibles, therefore it maintains the lithium vapor pressure better without causing access lithium loss in the solid-state electrolyte.

Specifications of Magnesium Oxide Crucible

The following crucibles are standard crucibles available at Stanford Advanced Material (SAM). Other custom sizes are available upon request.

The crucible product code is composed as follows:

Abbreviations and code:
C conical shaped crucibles
D double wall crucibles
Ø lip

 MgO C230-98

Code: MgO C230-98


Applications of Magnesium Oxide Crucible

- Superconductor material processing
- Beta Alumina processing
- Dielectric, piezoelectric, pyroelectric material processing
- Nickel-based superalloy processing
- Plutonium and uranium related material processing



MG2274 Magnesium Oxide Wafers Substrates

MG2274 Magnesium Oxide Wafers Substrates

MG2670 Magnesium Metaphosphate Powder (CAS 13573-12-1)

MG2670 Magnesium Metaphosphate Powder (CAS 13573-12-1)

sc/1618475387-normal-Magnesium Chloride.png

MG3279 Magnesium Chloride MgCl2 (CAS No. 7786-30-3)


MG3519 Magnesium Phosphate Tribasic Octahydrate (CAS No. 13446-23-6)

sc/1635491376-normal-Magnesium Stearate.png

MG3745 Magnesium Stearate (CAS No. 557-04-0)

sc/1635494829-normal-Magnesium Monoperoxyphthalate Hexahydrate.jpg

MG3749 Magnesium Monoperoxyphthalate Hexahydrate (CAS No. 84665-66-7)

sc/1640851007-normal-Magnesia Cupel Blocks.jpg

MG3897 Magnesia Cupel Blocks

sc/1640851534-normal-Magnesia Cupels.jpg

MG3898 Magnesia Cupels


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