NK2798 Electronic Grade Nickel Trioxide (CAS 1314-06-3)

Catalog No. NK2798
Molecular Formula Ni2O3
Appearance Dark gray to black powder
Synonyms Nickel(III)oxide, Black nickel oxide

Electronic Grade Nickel Trioxide (CAS 1314-06-3) is the inorganic compound with the formula Ni2O3. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is your one-stop platform to find nickel products for sale in a variety of forms.

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Electronic Grade Nickel Trioxide (CAS 1314-06-3) Description

Electronic Grade Nickel Trioxide (CAS 1314-06-3) is the inorganic compound with the formula Ni2O3. It is not well characterized and is sometimes referred to as black nickel oxide. Electronic Grade Nickel Trioxide plays a very important role in many areas of chemistry, physics, and materials science. The metal elements can form a large diversity of oxide compounds by employing various synthesis techniques. They exhibit metallic, semiconductor, or insulator character due to the electronic structure difference.

Electronic Grade Nickel Trioxide (CAS 1314-06-3) Specifications

Product Name

Electronic Grade Nickel Trioxide


CAS 1314-06-3

Content of Ni


Content of Co


Content of Na


Content of Fe


Content of Ca


Content of Mg


Content of Cu


Content of K


Content of Pb


Particle size

< 3 micron

Electronic Grade Nickel Trioxide (CAS 1314-06-3) Applications

Electronic Grade Nickel Trioxide (CAS 1314-06-3) powders can be used in various applications. Nickel (III) Oxide (Ni2O3) Powder (40 nm, 99.95+ %) is used in the manufacture of nickel salts, specialty ceramics, and nickel catalysts for example to enhance the activity of three-way catalysts containing rhodium, platinum, and palladium used in automobile exhaust control. Nickel (III) Oxide Powder can also be used for Cr(VI) ion removal at room temperature.

Recently, alternative materials including various oxide-based nanocomposites and nanostructures have been synthesized as potential adsorbent of heavy metal ions. Thus, with the advancement of technology, newer materials with improved adsorption capacities are being developed. One of these newer materials is Nickel (III) Oxide (Ni2O3) Powder. Since metal oxides are known to have a high adsorption capacity of toxic metals in nano-dimensions, nickel (III) oxide can be used for this purpose.



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