RE2734 Rhenium Crucible

Catalog No. RE2734
Size Customizable
Molecular Formula Re
Appearance Silvery metallic cylinder
Purity 99.99%

Rhenium Crucible is made by pure rhenium powder through a special molding method. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a global manufacturer of rhenium products. We offer high-quality Rhenium Crucibles and other rhenium products.

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Rhenium Crucible Description

Rhenium Crucible is made by pure rhenium powder through a special molding method. It can withstand more than 2000℃ high temperature, mainly used in rare earth elements and gem single crystal growth. Due to its high melting point, good compatibility, excellent oxidation resistance and creep resistance, Rhenium Crucible is especially favored by gem manufacturers.


Rhenium Crucible Specifications

Product Name

Rhenium Crucible




18.8g/cc min

Melting Point

3170 °C

Wall Thickness




Size and shape of the product can be customized under agreement with customers.


Rhenium Crucible Application

Rhenium crucible can be used as a container for anticorrosion, nuclear reaction, and ultra-high evaporation. 


sc/1626837661-normal-Rhenium Powder.jpg

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