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TA0882 Tantalum Marker Bands (Ta Marker Bands) Maximize
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TA0882 Tantalum Marker Bands (Ta Marker Bands)

Catalog No.TA0882
SizeDiameter: 0.2 ~ 8mm, Wall Thickness: 0.015 ~ 0.5mm
MaterialTantalum, 99.95%, 99.99%
Standard ASTM F 560
ToleranceOD: ± 0.003mm, W.T.: ± 0.005mm, L: ± 0.05mm

Radiopaque Tantalum Marker Bands and Ring Electrodes for the medical industry can be offered by Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). Platinum, Gold, and Palladium Marker Bands are also available.

Other shapes are also available upon request including Ta Foil/Ta StripTa Sheet/Ta PlateTa Tube/Ta PipeTa CapillaryTa Wire, and Ta Bar/Ta Rod.

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Tantalum Marker Bands Description

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high-quality tantalum marker bands. All marker bands are precisely manufactured and cut to length according to your request. Marker band fabrication is the production of metal cut tubing. Our marker bands can be cut in a variety of lengths and diameters according to customer specifications. 

0.10mm wall thickness tantalum marker band  marker bands

Tantalum Marker Bands Applications

  • Used in the medical industry to provide radiopaque markings for sensors and catheter tubes. 
  • Used as radiopaque markers during angioplasty and other minimally-invasive catheter procedures.

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