SC2350 Continuous Silicon Carbide Fibers

Catalog No. SC2350
Material SiC
Density 305 g/km
Diameter 11.8 μm

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Description of Silicon Carbide Fibers

Continuous SiC fiber possessed high strength, heat and corrosion resistance even in a high-temperature atmosphere over1000 °C. Compared with carbon fiber, silicon carbide fiber can maintain good performance under extreme conditions. Due to its good performance, it has attracted much attention in high-tech fields such as aerospace, military weapons and equipment, and is commonly used as high-temperature resistant material and reinforcement material. Besides, with the development of preparation technology, the application of silicon carbide fiber is gradually extended to advanced sports equipment, automobile waste gas dust collection, and other civil industrial aspects.

Specifications of Silicon Carbide Fibers


11.8 μm


305 g/km

Tensile strength

2.90 Gpa

Tensile strength of a beam

2.70 Gpa

Tensile modulus

270 Gpa

Fracture strain

1.07 %

Oxygen content

1.02 %

Applications of Silicon Carbide Fibers

Silicon carbide fibers are mainly used as high-temperature resistant materials and reinforcing materials such as heat-shielding materials, high-temperature resistant conveyor belts, and filter cloths that filter high-temperature gases or molten metals. When used as a reinforcing material, it is often used in combination with carbon fiber or glass fiber, mainly reinforced metals (such as aluminum) and ceramics, such as brake pads, engine blades, landing gearboxes and fuselage structural materials for jet aircraft.



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