CY3532 SiTe2 crystal

Catalog No. CY3532
Material SiTe2
Production Method Chemical vapor transport (99.9995% purity)
Size 2-4mm
Crystal Structure 1T phase

SiTe2 crystal is a new layered crystal produced by 2Dsemiconductors using conventional chemical vapor transport technique (CVT) at 99,9995% purity rating. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has rich experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality Optical Products.

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SiTe2 crystal Description

SiTe2 crystal is a new layered crystal produced by SAM using conventional chemical vapor transport technique (CVT) at 99,9995% purity rating. Early theoretical predictions show that they exhibit unique thermal conduction and electronic transport properties. Currently, each order contains one single crystal that measures a few mm in size (~3-4mm) due to its hard growth characteristics.

SiTe2 crystal Specifications

Sample size

Each order contains ~-2-4mm sized crystals

Material properties

2D metals

Crystal structure

1T phase

Unit cell parameters

a=b=0.37; c=0.734 nm; α=β=90°; γ=120°

Production method

Chemical vapor transport (99.9995% purity)

Other characteristics

Environmentally stable

Very easy to exfoliate 

SiTe2 crystal Packaging

Our SiTe2 crystal is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.




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