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TS1376 Aluminum Oxide (Alumina, Al2O3) for Thermal Spraying Maximize

TS1376 Aluminum Oxide (Alumina, Al2O3) for Thermal Spraying

Catalog No.TS1376
Purity99.95%+, 99.5%+, 98.0%+
CAS Number1344-28-1
AppearanceWhite powder
Particle SizeCustomized

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides high quality alumina powder for thermal spraying with the most competitive price.
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Aluminum oxide (Alumina, Al2O3) is one of the most widely used engineering ceramics. Aluminum Oxide (Alumina, Al2O3) coatings deposited by thermal spraying technology provide excellent dielectric strength making them ideal for electrical isolation. These alumina coatings also have high hardness and excellent resistance to hard surface wear.

alumina powder for thermal spraying


Purity: 99.95%+, 99.5%+, 98.0%+
Particle Size:Customized
Manufacture: Agglomerated & Sintered, Fused & Crushed


-Excellent dielectric and thermal insulation characteristics
-Resists wear, chemically inert, stable at high temperatures
-For vacuum chamber and furnace linings, corona rolls, biomedical implants, electrostatic chucks and capacitors, clearance control abrasive (cutting) coating
-Service up to 1650 °C (3000 °F)


-providing resistance to wear by fibers, threads, packing or lip seals, and hard surfaces such as sheet steel
-soldering iron tips, electrical coils and electrical isolation of rolls and metal housings


Our Powder is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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