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TM1449 Titanium Powder Maximize

TM1449 Titanium Powder

Catalog No.TM1449
SizeParticle size -40 to- 500 mesh
AppearanceGray Powder

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier and manufacturer of titanium powder

More details

Titanium powder is the powder form titanium which has a particle size of <1mm, titanium powder have many several shapes: spherical, polygonal, sponge and flaky, they are related to the making methods. Titanium powder has high surface free energy. Therefore, titanium powder is easy to oxidation, flammable, explosive, easy to react with other elements, which makes the titanium powder a dangerous product.

Titanium powder normally has light gray appearance, and will become darker with the grain size decrese.

Stanford Advanced Materials have provided made by Hydriding Dehydrogen (HDH) and Gas Atomized methods.

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