TM2202 Porous Titanium Tube

Catalog No. TM2202
Porosity 30%-40%
Synonyms Sintered titanium tubing, titanium filter
Thickness 0.5 mm-1.5 mm
Raw Material Titanium powder
Filtration Precision 0.45 μm-50 μm

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides the Porous Titanium Tube as a filter (with or without one end closed). Honeycombed and other configurations are also available. Contact us if you need more forms of pure titanium and its compounds.

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Porous Titanium Tube Description

The Porous Titanium Tube is a new type of high-efficiency porous filter material made of industrial high-purity titanium powder (>99.4%) through powder classification, molding, sintering, and mechanical welding processes. Its porosity and filtration accuracy can be adjusted within a fairly wide range. Porous titanium has an open cell structure and promising implant materials due to its low elastic modulus, excellent bioactivity, biocompatibility, and the ability for bone regeneration.


Porous Titanium Tube Features

- Interconnected pores through which air and water can pass
- Small pores are evenly dispersed
- Flat surface and flat inside of the pore
- Large specific surface area
- Various surface treatment



Specifications of Porous Titanium Tube

Filtration Precision





OD: 125-300 mm

WT: .5-3 mm

Length: 100-1000 mm


0.6 Mpa/cm2

Temperature Resistance


Maximum Operating Pressure

1 Mpa/cm2


Applications of Porous Titanium Tube

- Porous titanium sheet & porous stainless steel sheet can be used as gas diffusion layer (GDL) in Polymer-Electrolyte-Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC)
- Porous Titanium sheets & tubing can be assembled as titanium filter, can be used for filtration under high temperature & corrosive environments
- Porous Titanium can be coated with Pt and others, which can be used as the anode


sc/1622016545-normal-Medical Grade Titanium Alloy Wire.jpg

TM3413 Medical Grade Titanium Alloy Wire

sc/1622017133-normal-Medical Grade Titanium Alloy Foil.jpg

TM3414 Medical Grade Titanium Alloy Foil

sc/1622018935-normal-Medical Grade Titanium Plate.jpg

TM3415 Medical Grade Titanium Plate

sc/1622021118-normal-Medical Grade Titanium Rod.jpg

TM3416 Medical Grade Titanium Rod

sc/1622019449-normal-Medical Grade Titanium Tube.jpg

TM3417 Medical Grade Titanium Tube

sc/1622019736-normal-Medical Grade Titanium Wire.jpg

TM3418 Medical Grade Titanium Wire

sc/1622020191-normal-Medical Grade Titanium Foil.jpg

TM3419 Medical Grade Titanium Foil

sc/1624514306-normal-Spherical TA1 Titanium-Based Powder.jpg

TA3471 Spherical TA1 Titanium-Based Powder


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