Electrical Contacts

Tungsten is referred to as one of the toughest matters discovered in nature. it is superb dense and nearly impossible to soften. natural tungsten is a silver-white metallic and while made into a high-quality powder may be combustible and might spontaneously ignite. herbal tungsten includes five solid isotopes and 21 different risky isotopes.
Aircraft Circuit Breakers and Relays

Most common aircraft circuit breakers and relays require direct current, high-reliability circuit protection for control and/or enabling systems or indicating alarms.

Industrial Controls and Relays

Devices for controlling machines, automation, process controls and indicating alarm conditions.

Load Tap Changers

High voltage transformer applications under load experiencing moderate to severe arcing.

Reclosers: Arcing Contacts Are Required

Reclosers are electrical contact devices that eliminate contact bounce.

Acuum Switchgear, Breakers and Interrupters

In these types of applications, resistance to arcing is important. Due to the speed that the circuit is turned off, current chopping is a factor.

Electrical Contacts

Tungsten is used in lots of extraordinary methods due to the fact it is very sturdy and sturdy. it is very immune to corrosion and has the very best melting factor and highest tensile power of any detail. Its energy comes whilst it's far made into compounds, although. natural tungsten could be very tender.

Stanford Advanced Materials enjoys a long history of manufacturing electrical contacts. Customer confidence in product quality and dependable service reflects the company's ability to deliver the best quality at the right time.

Whether you require discrete silver semi-refractory contacts, silver tungsten or copper tungsten contacts, cold-formed rivet contacts, or brazed assemblies, make SAM your first point of contact.

Each contact application must be analyzed on its own merits. Electrical circuit considerations, mechanical forces, environmental and service requirements (among other aspects) are relevant to the contact application. As you likely already know, similar applications often use very different materials that depend on the very specific circumstances of the application. Please call or email us with your inquiries and let SAM work for you in your search for the product, component, or material that is right for your electrical contact application.


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