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AU2002 Hydrogen Tetrabromoaurate (III) Hydrate Maximize

AU2002 Hydrogen Tetrabromoaurate (III) Hydrate

Catalog No.AU2002
Molecular FormulaHAuBr4•5H2O
CAS Number1184171-66-1
AppearanceYellow crystals and lumps
Purity≥99.99% trace metals basis
SynonymsBromoauric acid
Theoretical Au%38.05% (anhydrous)

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Description of Hydrogen Tetrabromoaurate (III) Hydrate

Hydrogen Tetrabromoaurate(III) Hydrate, also known as bromoauric acid, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula of HAuBr4. It is similar to chloroauric acid. It can be prepared by reacting a mixed acid of hydrobromic acid and nitric acid with metallic gold.


Hydrogen Tetrabromoaurate (III) Hydrate


Specifications of Hydrogen Tetrabromoaurate (III) Hydrate



Molecular formula

HAuBr4·xH2O (x≈5)

Molecular weight

517.61 anhy


≥99.9% trace metals basis

Physical form


Theoretical Au%

38.05% (anhydrous)

Au Assay

35.5 % ± 2.0 %


Soluble in water

Storage & Sensitivity

Hygroscopic; Light Sensitive; Store under Argon; Ambient temperatures


Applications of Hydrogen Tetrabromoaurate (III) Hydrate

- To analyze the influence of the bromide ions in the synthesis of the gold nanorods
- Purification in continuous microfluidic synthesis and functionalization of gold nanorods


Safety Information


GHS05 GHS05, GHS07 GHS07

Signal word


Hazard statements 


Precautionary statements 

P280-P305 + P351 + P338-P310


UN 3260 8/PGII

WGK Germany


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