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NN0244 Nano Aluminum Powder (Al) Maximize
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NN0244 Nano Aluminum Powder (Al)

Catalog No.NN0244
CAS Number7429-90-5
Chemical FormulaAl
MorphologyNearly spherical
Specific Surface Area(m2/g)20
Bulk Density(g/cm3)1.24
Tap Density(g/cm3)3.39

Nano Aluminum Powder is often used as a high-efficiency catalyst and combustion promoter. It has a spherical shape, with an average particle size of 50nm. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a worldwide supplier of high-quality Nano Aluminum Powder.

More details

Nano aluminum powder enjoys a wide range of applications. For example, nano aluminum powder can be used as a high-efficiency combustion-supporting agent. When added to the solid fuel of a rocket, it can greatly increase the fuel combustion speed and improve combustion stability.

Besides, nano aluminum powder can also be used as an activated sintering additive. Mixing 5-10% nanometer aluminum powder into AlN powder can lower the sintering temperature and increase the density and thermal conductivity of the sintered body.

In addition, nano aluminum powder can also be used in the following fields, such as high-grade metal pigments, composite materials, aerospace, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, refractory materials, new building materials, anti-corrosion materials, etc.

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