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NB0037 Niobium Mesh

Catalog No.NB0037
SizeManufactured per drawing
MaterialR04200 R04210
CAS Number7440-03-1
Purity99.9% 99.95% 99.99%
Density8.57 g/cm3
SurfacePolished Polished Polished

Stanford Advanced Materials manufactures and supplies kinds of high-quality niobium mesh and we are able to produce them according to the clients specifications.

More details

Platinized niobium mesh anode


Floor Metal


Current density


Fluorine ion content


Life span

 >10 months

Coating oxide


Platinum content


Working temperature


Coating thickness



Noble metal electroplating, aluminum wheel hub electroplating and special electroplating, recycle, anodic oxidation and electroplating.

4-5 times more than platinized titanium anode, but save 2.5 times cost of the latter. Nice current distribution and even thickness.

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