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NB0036 Niobium Disc / Target Maximize

NB0036 Niobium Disc / Target

Catalog No.NB0036
SizeCircular Targets Diameter 10-400 mm Thickness 2-28 mm Rectangular Targets Thickness 1-20 mm Width <800 mm Length <3000 mm
MaterialR04200 R04210
CAS Number7440-03-1
Density8.57 g/cm3

Niobium target and niobium disc are widely used in chemicals, ships, liquid crystal display (LCD) and conductive coating industry, etc. We can customize it for your needs.

More details

Niobium Disc / Target

Material: RO4200, RO4210

Circular Disc / targets

Diameter: 10-400mm

Thickness: 2-28mm

Rectangular Disc/targets

Thickness: 1mm up to 20.32mm

Width: up to 800mm

Length: up to 3000mm

Purity: 99.9%

Table 1: Technology parameter




Grain size

ASTM 4 or finer

Surface finish

16Rms max. or Ra 0.4 ( RMS64 or better)


0.1mm or 0.15% max


+/-0.010" on all dimensions


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