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OX0095 Molybdenum Trioxide (MoO3) Powder Maximize

OX0095 Molybdenum Trioxide (MoO3) Powder

Catalog No.OX0095
Size-325mesh, -100mesh, -200mesh, customized
Molecular FormulaMoO3
CAS Number1313-27-5
AppearanceLight yellow powder
Density9.8 - 10.2 g/cc

Molybdenum Trioxide Powder can be used in the making of molybdenum powder, pigments, catalysts, and additives. We manufacture a wide variety of molybdenum products including pure molybdenum, molybdenum alloys, and molybdenum compounds.

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Molybdenum Trioxide Powder Description

Molybdenum (Mo) is a gray metal with a very high melting point. It is found in various oxidation states in minerals but does not occur naturally as a free metal. Molybdenum is well-known for its strength and stability in high-heat applications. It is often alloyed with other compounds to improve corrosion resistance and strength at high temperatures. Consequently, molybdenum is frequently used for making steel alloys, high strength alloys, and superalloys. Molybdenum compounds usually have a low solubility in water. Industrially, they are used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications such as pigments and catalysts.

Molybdenum Trioxide Powder is a light-yellow powder which is soluble in excess alkali but sparingly soluble in water. Molybdenum Trioxide Powder can be used in the making of molybdenum powder, pigments, catalysts, and additives.

Molybdenum Trioxide Powder

Molybdenum Trioxide Powder Specification

Item No.




Molybdenum Trioxide Powder
Industrial Grade

99.5 %
Mg < 0.002%, Al < 0.002%, Ca < 0.002%


Molybdenum Trioxide Powder 
Chemical Grade

99.9 %
Mg < 0.0008%, Al < 0.001%, Ca < 0.0008%


Molybdenum Trioxide Powder
Chemical Grade

99.95 %
Mg < 0.0006%, Al < 0.0006%, Ca < 0.0006%


Molybdenum Trioxide Powder Applications

• Used in the production of molybdenum metal.
• Used for the removal of sulfur and nitrogenous products in the petroleum industry.
• Used in a number of oxidation processes in the chemical industry.

Molybdenum Trioxide Powder Packaging

Our molybdenum trioxide powder is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition. 


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