WM2139 Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Sheet

Catalog No. WM2139
Size Length: 10-350mmWidth: 600mm max.Thickness: 0.2mm min
Material WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26%
Appearance Silver metallic luster alloy sheet

At SAM, we provide the best Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy on the market. We also customize various shapes according to your requirements or drawings. The products have been used in furnace, electronics and aerospace industrials.

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Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Sheet Description

As refractory metals, rhenium, and tungsten both have good ductility and strength. The addition of rhenium to tungsten can make the ductility, specific resistance, and vibration strength properties of W-Re alloy further increased. These are well within the range associated with superplastic materials. W-Re alloy can be recommended for elements of electric vacuum devices such as cathodes, heaters, radio tube grids, etc. They are also suitable for thermocouples and electrical contacts.


Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Sheet Specifications




Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Rod

WRe3%, WRe5%,WRe25%,WRe26%

φ:1-17 mm

Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Wire

WRe3%, WRe5%,WRe25%,WRe26%

φ:0.1mm,0.2mm,0.25mm,0.3mm,0.35mm,0.5mm, 1.0mm

Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Plate

WRe3%, WRe5%,WRe25%,WRe26%

Length: 300mm

Width: 300mm

Thickness: 1-20mm

Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Thermocouple

WRe3/25, WRe5/26


Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Sheet

WRe3%, WRe5%,WRe25%,WRe26%

Length: 10-350mm

Width: 600mm max.

Thickness: 0.2mm min.

Customized dimensions and specifications were also available.

Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Sheet Applications

Microwave communication
- Thermocouple
- Electronics
- Furnace
- Joining
- Aerospace industries

Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Sheet Packing

Our Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Sheet is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.


WM2138 Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Rod

WM2138 Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Rod

WM2140 Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Thermocouple

WM2140 Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Thermocouple

RE2733 Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy Tube

RE2733 Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy Tube

RE2736 Tungsten Rhenium (W-Re) Alloy Electrode

RE2736 Tungsten Rhenium (W-Re) Alloy Electrode


RE4363 Spherical Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy Powder (WRe3)


RE4364 Spherical Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy Powder (WRe5)

sc/1662538112-normal-Spherical Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy Powder.jpg

RE4365 Spherical Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy Powder (WRe25)

sc/1662539524-normal-Spherical Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy Powder (WRe26).jpg

RE4366 Spherical Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy Powder (WRe26)

sc/1662539825-normal-Spherical Molybdenum Rhenium (MoRe) Alloy Powder.jpg

RE4367 Spherical Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy Powder, Mo/Re


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