SR3087 Strontium Acetate (CAS: 543-94-2)

Catalog No. SR3087
CAS Number 543-94-2
Molecular Formula C4H6O4Sr
Molecular Weight 205.71
Appearance White powder
Purity 99%

Strontium Acetate (CAS: 543-94-2) is a moderately water-soluble crystalline Strontium source that decomposes to strontium oxide on heating. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of Strontium Acetate throughout the world, offering high-quality Strontium Acetate at a competitive price.


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Strontium Acetate Description:

Strontium Acetate (CAS: 543-94-2) is a moderately water-soluble crystalline Strontium source that decomposes to strontium oxide on heating. It is generally immediately available in most volumes. All metallic acetates are inorganic salts containing a metal cation and the acetate anion, a univalent (-1 charge) polyatomic ion composed of two carbon atoms ionically bound to three hydrogen and two oxygen atoms (Symbol: CH3COO) for a total formula weight of 59.05. Acetates are excellent precursors for the production of ultra-high purity compounds, catalysts, and nanoscale materials. We also produce Strontium Acetate Solution.


Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) produces many standard grades when applicable, including Mil Spec (military grade); ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade; Food, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Grade; Optical Grade, USP and EP/BP (European Pharmacopoeia/British Pharmacopoeia) and follows applicable ASTM testing standards. Typical and custom packaging is available. Additional technical, research, and safety (MSDS) information is available as is a Reference Calculator for converting relevant units of measurement.

Strontium Acetate Specifications

Physicochemical Information

InchI Key


Strontium Acetate Applications:

Strontium acetate is used in the manufacture of Laboratory Reagent, Dental toothpaste, catalysts, chemical intermediates, medicines etc.

Strontium Acetate Safety Information:

Personal protective equipment

Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US)


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany




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