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WM1838 Tungsten Alloy Multi-Leaf Collimators (W Alloy MLC) Maximize

WM1838 Tungsten Alloy Multi-Leaf Collimators (W Alloy MLC)

Catalog No.WM1838
Shapeas per draw, rod, square, round, plate etc.
Dimensionsas per draw
Applicationmedicine, medical & heath radiation shielding

The MLC could direct the beam shape of the tumor as precisely as possible. Stanford Advanced Material (SAM) provides Tungsten MLC with effective absorption capacity to ensure the patients’ safety.

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Description of Tungsten Alloy Multi-Leaf Collimators

Tungsten alloy is non-toxic and non-polluting, and the density is between 17.0g/cm3 and 18.6g/cm3, which makes the tungsten MLC have excellent radiation absorption capacity, and its density is sufficient to absorb the radiation in the radiotherapy equipment to ensure the patient's Safety.

MLC has movable leaves or shields. With 20-80 leaves, MLC can be controlled by computer to adjust the position of the shields or leaves, so an arbitrarily shaped field can be generated.

Tungsten MLC is suited for the treatment of liver cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer. Due to the x-ray therapeutic machine may cause the radiation to human organs, during the treatment the radiation might damage other healthy parts of the patient. Thus, the collimator is essential in radiotherapy to shield the radiation and protect patients.

Tungsten Alloy multi-Leaf Collimators


Applications of Tungsten Alloy Multi-Leaf Collimators

• A replace of a conventional blocking
• To achieve beam-intensity modulation


Packaging of Tungsten Alloy Multi-Leaf Collimators

Our tungsten alloy multi-leaf collimators are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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