SH0945 Zirconium Mesh (Zr Mesh)

Catalog No. SH0945
Material Zr 702
Purity 99.2%
Color Silver
Density 6.4g/cm3

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted and experienced supplier of Zirconium Mesh. We produce high purity Zirconium Mesh at a competitive price.

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Zirconium Mesh Description

Zirconium mesh takes on the look of a silvery metal, as do most zirconium products. With a high melting point of 1855°C (3371°F) and a small neutron absorption cross-section, zirconium is excellent for the nuclear power industry.

zr-mesh zirconium-mesh2

Zirconium Mesh Specification

Purity: Zr702 (99.2%)
Form: Expanding mesh, Wire mesh, Punch mesh

Zirconium Mesh Applications

-Platinized zirconium anodes for the cathode protection industry
-Mixed metal oxide anodes for heat exchangers, oil and gas pipelines, etc.

Zirconium Mesh Packing

Our zirconium mesh is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.


ZR1340 Zirconium Ribbon (Zr Ribbon)

ZR1340 Zirconium Ribbon (Zr Ribbon)

sc/1620981787-normal-Zirconium Ring.jpg

ZR1341 Zirconium Ring (Zr Ring)

ZR1342 Zirconium Spring (Zr Spring)

ZR1342 Zirconium Spring (Zr Spring)

ZR1422 Zirconium Aluminum (ZrAl) Alloy

ZR1422 Zirconium Aluminum Alloy (ZrAl)

sc/1619423990-normal-Zirconium Ferro silicon.jpg

ZR1423 Zirconium Ferro Silicon (ZrSiFe)

ZR1424 Zirconium Titanium Alloy

ZR1424 Zirconium Titanium Alloy ZrTi

sc/1618477455-normal-29.ZR1429 Zirconium Sponge - Industrial grade.jpg

ZR1429 Zirconium Sponge - Industrial Grade

sc/1618476211-normal-27.Zirconium Sponge - Nuclear Grade.jpg

ZR3281 Zirconium Sponge - Nuclear Grade


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