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WM0120 Tungsten Crucible (High Purity W Crucible) Maximize
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WM0120 Tungsten Crucible (High Purity W Crucible)

Catalog No.WM0120
MaterialPure W
Density18.2-19.0 g/cc

tungsten crucibles for sale

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures various tungsten crucibles and other Tungsten parts such as tungsten heaters, heat insulation screens, tungsten sheets, supports, etc. We provide tailor-made products according to your drawings and specific requirements.

Other pure tungsten: Tungsten Rod / Bar, Tungsten Plate, Tungsten Wire, etc.

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Tungsten Crucible Introduction:

Tungsten crucible and other parts can be used for sapphire crystal growth and rare-earth melting due to their high temperature resistance, low pollution and other excellent characteristics.

Purity: ≥99.95%
Density: ≥18.2g/cm3
Surface: Ra≤3.2
Operating temperature: ≤2400 Degree C
Size: Customized
Production method: Sintered (OD>70mm);Forged (OD<70mm)

    Tungsten CrucibleTungsten crucible

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Tungsten Crucible

The tungsten crucible produced by CVD has some characteristics such as: high density up to 98.5% of theoretical density, high purity of 99.9999%, particular microstructure of columnar crystal or multilayer columnar crystal etc.

Purity: 99.9999%
Outer Diameter: ≤200mm
Height: ≤500mm
Deposition thickness: ≤10mm

Specifications of SAM Tungsten Crucible:

Diameter (mm)

Wall Thickness (mm)

Length (mm)

30 ~ 50

2 ~ 10

30 ~ 500

50 ~ 100

3 ~ 15

100 ~ 150

3 ~ 15

150 ~ 200

5 ~ 20

200 ~ 300

8 ~ 20

300 ~ 400

8 ~ 30

400 ~ 450

8 ~ 30

450 ~ 500

8 ~ 30


Packaging of SAM Tungsten Crucible:

Our tungsten crucibles are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

packing packing

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