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WM0123 Tungsten Boat (High Purity W Boat) Maximize
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WM0123 Tungsten Boat (High Purity W Boat)

Catalog No.WM0123
SizeManufactured per drawing
MaterialPure W
Density18.2-19.0 g/cc

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has specialized in providing high quality tungsten boats for 20 years. Customization is available.

Other pure tungsten: Tungsten Sheet, Tungsten Wire, Tungsten Plate, Tungsten Rod / Bar, etc.

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Tungsten Boat Introduction:

Tungsten boats are made by cutting, bending, welding and riveting tungsten sheets.

tungsten boat tungsten boat

Tungsten Boat Applications:

Tungsten boats have specialized uses as container for rare earth smelting. They can be also used in light, electronic and military industries.

Specifications of SAM Tungsten Boat:

Product Name

Tungsten Boat

Impurity Content


W Content



extruding, forging, rolling, machining and sintering 


(2.5mm-100mm) height x (15mm-900mm) width x (15mm-900mm) length x (0.25mm-8mm) thickness.


Packaging of SAM Tungsten Boat:

Our tungsten boats are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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