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PD1016 Cerium (III) Oxalate Maximize

PD1016 Cerium (III) Oxalate

Catalog No.PD1016
CAS Number15750-47-7
Chemical FormulaCe2(C2O4)3 XH2O

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provide Cerium metal and Cerium compounds to our customers. 

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More details

Item No.DescriptionPurityLot Size
CE020-2NCerium OXalate
TREO: > 42%
99%100 kg
1,000 kg
10 MT
CE020-3NCerium OXalate
TREO: > 42%
99.9%100 kg
1,000 kg
10 MT
CE020-4NCerium OXalate
TREO: > 42%
99.99%100 kg
1,000 kg
10 MT

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