MU1417 Molybdenum Strip (Mo Strip)

Catalog No. MU1417
Size 0.03-0.08 x 2.0-6.0 x L (in coil)
Material Mo≥99.95% & TZM
Standard ASTM B386
Density 9.8 - 10.2 g/cc
Surface Cold Rolling

Molybdenum strip & molybdenum ribbon can be bought at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). With over two decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of high-quality molybdenum products, SAM is a trust-worthy supplier of molybdenum strip & molybdenum ribbon, and other molybdenum products.

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Molybdenum Strip Description

Molybdenum is gray-metallic and has a high melting point. It is found in various oxidation states in minerals but does not occur naturally as a free metal. Molybdenum allows readily to form hard and stable carbides. For this reason, molybdenum is frequently used for making steel alloys, high-strength alloys, and superalloy.

Molybdenum strip & molybdenum ribbon are made of molybdenum metal. As a leading supplier of molybdenum products across the world, Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) enjoys over two decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of molybdenum strip & molybdenum ribbon, offering customers high-quality molybdenum strip & molybdenum ribbon at very competitive prices.

molybdenum strip

Molybdenum Strip Specifications





















Apart from standard sizes, tailor-made dimensions are also available.

Molybdenum Strip Performance

Chemical Composition

Tensile Strength










Molybdenum Strip Application

Molybdenum strips are used to conduct electricity reliably to high-intensity discharge lamps (HID lamps). Thanks to their special geometry, they reduce the stress at the boundary between the surrounding glass and the electrically conductive ribbon.

Molybdenum Strip Packaging

Our molybdenum strips & molybdenum ribbons are carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

packing packing



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