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TSW0081 Molybdenum Spraying Wire (Moly Spraying Wire) Maximize

TSW0081 Molybdenum Spraying Wire (Moly Spraying Wire)

Catalog No.TSW0081
Size3.17mm/2.3mm Dia. x L
StandardASTM B387
Density9.8 - 10.2 g/cc
SurfaceBlack, Chemical cleaned

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of high performance molybdenum spraying wire and a wide variety of Molybdenum products.

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Molybdenum is gray-metallic and has the third highest melting point of any element next to tungsten and tantalum. It is found in various oxidation states in minerals but does not occur naturally as a free metal. Molybdenum allows readily form hard and stable carbides. For this reason, Molybdenum is frequently used for making steel alloys, high strength alloys, and superalloys. Molybdenum compounds usually have a low solubility in water. Industrially, they are used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications such as pigments and catalysts.

Our Molybdenum spraying wire is covered with graphite, which turns to metallic luster upon removal.

Moly spraying wire


  • Used as a thin coating on the surface of vehicle components including piston rings, gearbox synchromesh parts, selector forks, etc, due to its high wear resistance. 
  • Sprayed onto machine parts such as bearing for repair purposes.


Diameter (mm)



Tolerance (mm)



Tensile strength




Tailor-made spray wire is also available.

Packaging of Molybdenum Spraying Wire:
Our moly spraying wire is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of the product in its original condition.

packing packing

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