TA0024 Tantalum (V) Chloride (TaCl5) Powder (CAS No. 7721-01-9)

Catalog No. TA0024
Purity 99.9%, 99.99%
CAS Number 7721-01-9

Tantalum (V) Chloride Powder (CAS: 7721-01-9) is a white monoclinic crystal powder. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trustworthy supplier and manufacturer of high-quality Tantalum Pentachloride.

Other tantalum compounds are available upon request including Tantalum Oxide (Ta2O5), Tantalum Silicide Powder, and Tantalum Carbide Powder.

Tantalum (V) Chloride Powder Description

Tantalum (V) Chloride is a white monoclinic crystal powder. Tantalum Pentachloride is soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, and mesitylene. TaCl5 is insoluble in cyclohexane and carbon tetrachloride. Tantalum (V) Chloride is a poor conductor of electricity. However, Tantalum (V) Chloride will readily hydrolyze to form Tantalum Oxychloride and Tantalum Pentoxide.

Tantalum (V) Chloride Specification

Molecular Weight


Melting Point


Boiling Point



Light yellow or white powder


Packed with plastic or glass bottles for the protection of dry nitrogen. (10kg/package)



Tantalum (V) Chloride Application

Tantalum Pentachloride is used as the chlorinating agent of the organic compound, chemical intermediates, and preparation as tantalum.

Used to form mixed chloro-aryloxide compounds, such as [Ta(OC6H3-2,6-i-Pr2)2Cl3]2, which form pyridine or phosphine adducts with a distorted six-coordinate geometry. Also used as a starting material for new edge-bridged octahedral M6 cluster compounds such as CsErTa6Cl18, for which electron and stability studies were performed.

In chlorination of organic substances, as an intermediate, and in the production of pure metalTantalum(V) chloride is used in the preparation of catalyst for the polycyclotrimerizations of alkenediynes, chloro-aryloxide compounds and for the plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of tantalum nitride films. It acts as a starting material for new edge-bridged octahedral M6 cluster compounds. It is involved in the preparation of tantalum(V) oxychloride, tantalum pentoxide. It is electrophilic and behaves like a Friedel-Crafts type catalyst, similar to aluminum(III) chloride.

Tantalum(V) Chloride Safety Information

Signal Word


Hazard Statements


Hazard Codes


Precautionary Statements

P280-P305 + P351 + P338-P310

Flash Point

Not applicable

Risk Codes


Safety Statements


RTECS Number


Transport Information

UN 3260 8 / PGII

GHS Pictograms

Tantalum (V) Chloride Packaging

Our Tantalum (V) Chloride product is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

Material Safety Data Sheet for your reference.



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