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How Nano-TiO2 is used in Pulping and Papermaking Industry?

Nano titanium oxide (Nano-TiO2) is an excellent inorganic fine chemical material, which has a broad prospect in the application and development of pulping papermaking and functional paper with its sterilization, high efficiency self-cleaning, photocatalytic energy and wastewater treatment.


Application in functional paper preparation

Japan has previously developed a functional paper to add nano titanium oxide, which is photocatalytic and can be used for packaging paper and upholstery wallpaper. This kind of functional paper can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia gas and other harmful gases. The use of nano titanium oxide in general paper products, such as toilet paper and food wrapping paper, has the effect of sterilization.

Application in the wet end of the papermaking

The chemical substance of the wet end of the paper is a kind of surface and colloid chemistry. Many components are very small in the wet end of papermaking, so adding special nano-scale components can greatly improve the efficiency of the paper. Nano titanium oxide is used as a retention filter in the wet end of the paper, which has a good retention and filter effect. Also, it can effectively inhibit the pollution of white water by DCS harmful substances due to its excellent performance.

Application of waste paper deinking

Nano-TiO2 used in Pulping and Papermaking

The effect of ink particles on paper is very large in the paper industry. There are two methods of deinking, which are flotation and washing, the former is used in industry since it is more effective for removing large particle inks. Due to the positivity and large specific surface area of nano titanium oxide, the ink particles in secondary fiber have high efficiency of flotation. In the flotation process, nano titanium oxide can be added to remove the adhesive in the waste paper pulp.

Application of wastewater treatment in papermaking

Pulp and paper wastewater mainly includes cooking waste liquid, washing wastewater and paper wastewater, which mainly contain a lot of lignin and various phenolic organic compounds. Photocatalytic oxidation can be used to dispose of paper effluent, and it can degrade lignin and phenolic substances and eliminate toxicity completely, and it also has a good degradation effect on the toxic and difficult biodegradable organic compounds in papermaking wastewater. Nano titanium oxide can be used to solve the problem of wastewater of papermaking, which can achieve the standard discharge and greatly reduce the pollution to the environment.

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