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MG0904 High Purity Magnesium Ingot (Mg Ingot) Maximize

MG0904 High Purity Magnesium Ingot (Mg Ingot)

Catalog No.MG0002
Size80 mm x 130 mm x 495 mm
MaterialHigh purity magnesium
AppearanceSilver metal

Stanford Advanced Materials is a trusted supplier of high purity magnesium ingot. Our magnesium ingot can be used in metal refining and other industries. Customized sizes of ingots are available for bulk order. We are able to deliver 4N, 99.99% products by the metric ton.

We also provide Magnesium Alloys, High Purity Magnesium Lump, Fused Magnesia, Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Oxide, etc.

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Description of Magnesium Ingot

Magnesium is widely used in refining metals such as zirconium and hafnium. High purity of magnesium is required for high-quality refining. Alloys of magnesium have been used in various products including airplanes and performance cars.

High Purity Magnesium Ingot  High Purity Magnesium Ingot


Specification of Magnesium Ingot

Size: 80 mm x 130 mm x 495 mm, we provide customized ingots upon your requirement.
Purity: 99.99%


Content limit


<2 ppm


<1 ppm


<6 ppm


<2 ppm


<1 ppm


<3 ppm


<1 ppm


<39 ppm


<1 ppm


<45 ppm

Material Safety Data Sheet of Magnesium Metal for your reference

Applications of Magnesium Ingot

Magnesium Ingots can be used in the production of magnesium alloy, as well as for use in chemical industrial, military industrial and meter instrument manufacture, etc.


Packaging of Magnesium Ingot

Our high purity magnesium ingots are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

packing packing

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