CY2255 Thulium-Doped Yttrium Lithium Fluoride Crystal (Tm:YLF)

Catalog No. CY2255
Crystal Structure Tetragonal
Perpendicularity <5"
Protective Chamfer <0.1 mm at 45˚
Laser Wavelength π:1880 nm; σ:1908 nm

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Description of Thulium-Doped Yttrium Lithium Fluoride Crystal

Two-micron Tm3+ lasers are of interest for many applications in the scientific, defense, and medical fields. Thulium readily substitutes many crystal hosts that are suitable for high-average-power laser systems and it has an absorption band at ~0.8 μm allowing excitation with commercially available high power laser diodes. Thulium doped yttrium fluoride lithium crystals have a low nonlinear refractive index and thermal optic constant, which are very suitable for application in the fields of scientific research, production, education, and other optoelectronic fields. The crystal is a negative uniaxial crystal with a negative refractive index temperature coefficient, which can offset some thermal distortion and thus has high beam quality output. The pump wavelength is 792 nm, and the linear polarized laser with a wavelength of 1900nm outputs in the direction of an axis. outputting light from the c axis is non-linear polarized. High power laser output can be obtained by selecting the proper crystal size and doping concentration.

Advantages of Tm: YLF:

- Low nonlinear refractive index
- Low thermo-optical constant
- Low polarization loss
- Long upper energy level fluorescence lifetime
- Small up-conversion effect
- No absorption loss of sensitized ions


Specifications of Thulium-Doped Yttrium Lithium Fluoride Crystal

Material specifications

Concentration Tolerance (atm%)

2-4 at. %

Lattice Constants



a-cut, other orientations also available





Surface Quality

10-5 scratch & dig

Wavefront Distortion

λ/8 @ 633nm

Surface Flatness

λ/10 @ 633nm

Clear Aperture


Length Tolerance

±0.1 mm

Face Dimensions Tolerance

+0/-0,1 mm

Protective Chamfers

<0.1 mm at 45˚

Damage Threshold

over 15J/cm2 TEM00, 10ns, 10Hz

Optical and spectral properties

Laser Transition


Laser Wavelength

π:1880 nm; σ:1908 nm

Absorption Cross-section at Peak

0.55×10-20 cm2

Absorption Bandwidth at Peak Wavelength

16 nm

Absorption Peak Wavelength

792 nm

Lifetime of 3F4 Thulium Energy Level

16 ms

Quantum Efficiency


Non-linear Index n2

0.6 x 10-13

Optical Quality

< 0.3 x 10-5

Refractive Index @1064 nm

no=1.448, ne=1.470

Laser Induced Damage Threshold

>10 J/cm2@1900 nm, 10 ns


R<0,5% @792 nm + R<0,15% @1800-1960 nm on both sides; custom coatings also available


Applications of Thulium-Doped Yttrium Lithium Fluoride Crystal

- Medical diagnosis and treatment
- Laser radar
- Laser ranging
- Electro-optical countermeasure
- Laser remote sensing
- Laser imaging
- Optical signal processing
- Material processing



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