NK1666 Nickel Pellets

Catalog No. NK1666
Size Diameter<20 mm
Bulk Density(g/cm3) approximately 5.4 - 5.8 g/cm3
Shape Spherical

Nickel is rarely used in its pure form. Instead, it is combined with other metals, especially iron, chromium and copper, to produce alloys that are superior to the individual metals. Nickel Pellets are a high purity form of nickel widely used in melting applications. SAM provides high purity Nickel in the form of the nickel disc, electrolytic nickel squares, nickel foil, etc.


The controlled and consistent purity of Nickel Pellets and the advantages associated with its distinctive shape make this product an industry standard for the production of high-nickel alloys and iron-base alloys.

nickel pellet


• Spherical
• Diameter: <20 mm
• Bulk density: approximately 5.4 - 5.8 g/cm3

Typical Chemical Analysis (wt %)

Typical Chemical Analysis (wt %)


10kg (22 lb.) plastic bags; 5 bags per box; 20 boxes per pallet, stretch-wrapped. Net weight 1000 kg (2204 lb.).


sc/1655430846-normal-Nickel-Boron (NiB) Master Alloy.jpg

NK4205 Nickel-Boron (NiB) Master Alloy

sc/1655431128-normal-Nickel-Calcium (Ni-Ca) Master Alloy.jpg

NK4206 Nickel-Calcium (Ni-Ca) Master Alloy

sc/1655431574-normal-Nickel-Hafnium (Ni-Hf) Master Alloy.jpg

NK4207 Nickel-Hafnium (Ni-Hf) Master Alloy

sc/1655431801-normal-Nickel-Manganese (Ni-Mn) Master Alloy.jpg

NK4208 Nickel-Manganese (Ni-Mn) Master Alloy

sc/1655433156-normal-Nickel-Zirconium (Ni-Zr) Master Alloy.jpg

NK4209 Nickel-Zirconium (Ni-Zr) Master Alloy

sc/1655434163-normal-Nickel Sulfide (NiS) Powder.jpg

NK4211 Nickel Sulfide (NiS) Powder (CAS No. 16812-54-7)

sc/1655434731-normal-Nickel Silicon Alloy.jpg

NK4212 Nickel Silicon Alloy

sc/1655435684-normal-Nickel on Silica-alumina Catalyst.jpg

NK4214 Nickel on Silica-alumina Catalyst


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